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It seems that replit now gives multiple instances of the console, I am wondering if there is a way to not have this. I am teaching to a class of middle schoolers and they keep asking why each time they run their program it runs a new instance of the console. This is a recent issue that has caused some problems.

I am not entirely sure this is the right subforum, if it isn’t and this is more for bugs, please let me know.


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Unfortunately there’s currently nothing you can do about it. You could vote this feature request, but it’s unlikely that the change will be reverted:

Nope, you’re right, this is the place to post questions and report bugs.


They should add a setting or option. Most updates in replit should have a way to revert or configure the features.

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Dang, I was afraid that was the case. Guess I will need to teach them to clear the history as their testing their work lol



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