Pyinstaller and python(chaos)? How Can I set the install path in pyinstaller?

I’m Making a small app so I can Turn my apps into a executable, apparently one of the files is a .zip so i have to put everything into “Main” Folder , make it a Zip folder and unzip, I don’t know how to Set the path the files go to using python code…

Repl link:

import PyInstaller
import PyInstaller.__main__[
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Right from the start, this is pretty much impossible on Repls because they are Linux containers. See:


Oh I See, Linux exe is not compatible with windows exe, cool. is there a work around?

I believe the only “workaround” would be to compile it on a Windows machine, which you can’t do on Replit.


Unless you manage to install something that can run VirtualBox that can run Windows, but because of all those layers, a regular non-boosted Repl probably couldn’t run all of that.


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