Pygame Window Overlay

Describe your feature request

I want to change or delete Pygame Window Overlay

What problem(s) would this feature solve?

The Look Of Pygame Window Ovelay, Which Is Not Really Nice Look Neither is it modern

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request

I were thinking of making A web 3d Game In Pygame And OpenGL, but I came across the ugly in my opinion Pygame Window Overlay, It would be nice to have something like a setting that would let us change the look or delete the Repls pygame window overlay

What I have in mind

For Example something Like:

import os

os.environ["repl-show-pygame-window-overlay"] = "False"


import os

os.environ["repl-overlay-type-pygame-window-overlay"] = "Modern" Or "Classic/Old"

These could be useful for developes as also for people running and looking at pygame games/apps there could also be a submission tab for custom pygame overlays from community

There Could Also Be A System To Create Own Special UI Using code, that would let you select images for overlay sizes etc, and It would make sense to create own Documentation of that since it would be most likely complicated

What do you mean exactly by the “overlay”? Like the window bar at the top? It doesn’t need to look good because it does what it needs to and it doesn’t hurt your eyes or anything.

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Not sure if Replit can do anything about this.

Replit is using some Desktop environment (not sure which one, possibly Nix related) to display graphical Linux applications. Pygame may not even support disabling the window overlay in some cases, and you should probably post something on the Pygame subreddit or an official forum.


I think it’s a bare bones Ubuntu somehow. (because if you used a replit browser, you can navigate to the root folders and then find your way to the file explorer and it definitely looks like Ubuntu)

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Update: You can actually change the style of it by closing out your Pygame window, right clicking the blank screen, clicking user styles and changing it to one of them. Then run your program again and your theme will have applied

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Hey there! I think this would be a great feature. The only problem with it, is that if you’ve ever used windows in replit, you know they are slow :face_exhaling:

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I think it is already a feature though…

paste this command in Shell, then add/change the onBoot value in the .replit file to this command (in the sidebar, click â‹® > Show hidden files):

mkdir ~/.fluxbox
echo 'session.screen0.toolbar.visible=False'>~/.fluxbox/init


Ayy sick, I didn’t even know about that

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