Pygame examples

Hi can someone send me a link to a simple Pygame built in Replit (that works). Every game I have tried to look at just gives me “the spinning wheel” forever…they seem not to want to run.
Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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They all seem to work for me. The spinning wheel might be an issue with the connection. Try reloading the page to see if that helps

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Hi Alex do the following links work for you?
Thanks for your help

Yes, both of them work. If they don’t work for you, you can try creating a blank Pygram repl, and running the prebuilt examples there. Hopefully those should work

Am I doing something wrong? I just copied and pasted the first link and nothing is happening.
It DOES work if I copy and paste the code into my own pygame replit, but when I am marking students work, will I have to cut and paste code?

I’m also finding it taking forever to load, but I forked it and it worked fine. I think this could be a bug with Pygame repls. I’ll try again tomorrow to see if this is a recurring issue, or just a temporary connection problem

Hi @JWatWSS I clicked on the link and from the cover page I couldn’t get anything to display (but I think that was because it is meant to just display a white page and display messages in the console window), so I forked the Repl and ran it without issues.

You should not have to copy and paste code to get this working. I think that this query, linked to your Python Turtle query, suggests there may be something wrong / glitchy with your connection to the Replit site.