Pygame.error: No available video device

I’m trying to run the same program I’ve been working on for a month or two now, , and while it runs fine outside the editor, I’m getting the “No available video device” error when I try to test it in the editor. I haven’t touched anything about the screen/display since I set it up months ago. I think it’s just an error with replit? Definitely not my code.

I am also experiencing this error, my code worked fine yesterday, and I need to use my code today for my school work, but im not sure when this will be fixed, how did you get your code to run outside the editor?

I just tested this out and I got the same error here (completely new pygame repl), I think it’s probably a matter of something wrong on Replit’s side.

Edit: This is happening server-wide; whenever someone tries to open a “video device” on Replit it fails with nearly the same error

I hope it gets fixed in one day cause I have a school project due tomorrow, and I am showcasing it.

Did you try to contact support instead of using the forum?

How do I do that? , when I clicked get help it told me to use the forum to ask my question

you are right, i tried myself and it goes here … but i also noticed that an incident is reported so they know