Pygame and Swing Repls not producing output

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong here, but it seems like no matter what type of graphics Repl I create, I can not get any output. This is just the sample program for Pygame, and it hasn’t produced any output after a few minutes.

Hey, @codydiliberto welcome to the forums!

Can you please provide a link to the repl?

This is one on an non-education workspace:

This is one on an education workspace:
I’m not sure how to share that one though. When I try the link in a non-signed in browser, I get a 404 error. But regardless, it has the same problem.

This year I have been having an issue with this too, with my school district’s new filters. When I use the same computer at home, or on my vpn hotspot, the replit graphics work fine, but when I use the school network it does not display. If the filters are off for whatever reason, then I can use replit graphics, and my IT has whitelisted the domains, it’s just the graphics get blocked.

Ah, thank you! I haven’t tried at home, but I will now. I bet that is the issue. Our filters have been dialed way up this year.

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