Pygame and other modules wont work on Windows machines

HI, I am getting very frustrated with a problem that I cannot find an answer to.
Most modules, such as Pygame and Motplotlib will just not work on Windows machines in our school network. There are no error messages, just a constantly revolving symbol.
However, on a ChromeOS machine on the same network, they run fine. Out techs have checked for anything being blocked through the fiter and can find nothing untoward. Browser settings are the same.
We are at a total loss. Has anoyone had similar and did you find workaround for it?
Many thanks.

Hello @ggray, welcome to the forums!

I also use windows and pygame seems to work fine for me. I’m not sure what is happening, but it would help if you could share the repl link.

Hi @ggray and welcome to the community! This is indeed an odd problem. I doubt this is the cause, but have you checked to make sure that these modules are installed? Perhaps you need to install them with pip.

It is definitely something to do with our network as runs fine of ChromeOS on our network. The file I am using is just displaying three circles, which does work fine.

Have run pip and it says package is already installed.

I am assuming this is an issue with replit, did you check dev tools to see if any requests/VNC stuff was getting blocked?