Pycaching "get_cache" function raising error: NEED HELP

I am using the Pycaching “get_cache” function, but every time it runs the code, it raise an error that displays raise Error("Cannot load page: {}".format(url)) from e pycaching.errors.Error: Cannot load page:

Can someone help explain why this is happening?

import pycaching
geocaching = pycaching.login(username, password)

Well unfortunately the docs aren’t very helpful with that error, so I’ll poke around a bit more.

I suspect the real error is something closer to this, though that begs the question of why it didn’t raise that one.

What is that page anyways?

CDPF means “Cache Details - Print Friendly”

If the page is a 404, then it makes sense that the code would error. I wonder why it doesn’t exist?

Agreed. Do you think there is a new alternative?

I’m not sure. I did find this issue on their GitHub, but that Repo’s last commit was on March 28th.

Lol. That was me posting an issue in case it was an error on their side :laughing:

@Firepup650 I figured out what “Cache Details - Print Friendly” really means.

Sometimes people want to print (like print to a printer) out a geocache’s details. The page must have arguments to actually work, like this page: (GCA9932) The New Secret Creek Cache by danth (

So, for some reason, the API must not be adding those arguments.
I also figured out that it’s not the GUID we want, as the GUID is a user ID. We want some alternative of a user ID for induvial geocaches.

@Firepup650 I figured it out by myself. (with some help from the manager of Pycaching, Tomáš Bedřich) Instead of inputting a GUID, I need to input a Waypoint. I definitely need your help, as the thinking pushed me in the right direction! TYSM!

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