[PUZZLE 1: "LEVEL EASY"] Play now! [SOLVED BY @GrimSteel]

Replit Puzzles are back !(well… we’ve only just started making puzzles)

Who are we (correction: us, it’s singular atm)?

We are a group of people who create puzzles for you to solve. The first to solve the puzzle gets announced on this post as well as a running leaderboard.
You can find our (currently in development) profile here:

How do I participate?

Just go to the starting point attached below and go through the steps until I tell you that you’ve gotten the solution (this one involves sending a PM).

Starting Link

Go to https://cusmpjxafhvhrawjlsudmickjlaovjxr.replitpuzzles.repl.co/ to play now.


Username Completions
@GrimSteel 1

So I’m guessing the rickroll isn’t the solution?

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I’m confused about that too. I did come across this though: https://tools.replitpuzzles.repl.co/

Based on the stuff linked there, it might be some form of steganography?


yes, take extra note on the wording of the phrases.
You asked for it… | Check image.gif | Nothing to “expand” here :wink:

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I remember something about how images can look different when you make them bigger (“expanding?”) based on the resizing algorithm

I also expanded all of the node modules folders and I can’t find anything there :cry:

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Consider how you are able to compress and expand archives on Replit (hehe)

Wait… I had no idea you could do that with gifs!

shhhh you probably don’t want to reveal that lol but idk this is my first puzzle

Huh? What do you mean “archives”?

how can you archive files, and more importantly, compress and expand them?

that… that doesn’t answer the question you just restated what you said before

lemme send screen shot:

inspect the ss carefully

What can you do with these options?