Pushing to Gitlab as well as Github?

I wondered if there is any way I can both push to Github and Gitlab? I need to do this as my school blocked Github, and my friends use gitlab to “pass” around the code. (github was blocked because the 11 year olds used it for kahoot cheats.) We also need to push to Github at the same time because that’s the main place we do version control.


I believe if you set up git (not github, github is a service, git is a general tool) without creating a github repo, then go to gitlab and create a new repo, add the repo url into the “origin” setting, and authenticate using the git command in the shell, you should be good to go.


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Check out this resource:


I tried that, and it refuses to push. It will just push to Github instead and ignore the PAT.

Did you already link a github repo? Your repl shouldn’t be able to push to github in the first place if there is no github repo linked. First, assuming you have all of your commits stored locally, run git remote remove origin (assuming “origin” to be the GITHUB remote name, which it probably is), then try again. Now, your repl shouldn’t know about github in the first place.