Purchase SSH With Cycles

Describe your feature request
I’d like to be able to spend Cycles monthly in order to buy SSH access (similar to purchasing private Repls).

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
More customizability in terms of what I pay for, I would not buy Hacker just to get SSH, so having an option to use Cycles for it would make me more inclined to pay.

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@CallumCM


What would be the price you would be willing to pay for SSH?
Why not just buy one of our plan?

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This is what I’m saying. I’d personally be willing to buy it for 900 cycles a month for all repls

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I’d honestly prefer to not have it be a paid feature at all, because every repl is already running an SSH server regardless of whether the user is paying for it. Making SSH access be a paid feature is just restricting users for no reason

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Because I’d rather spend the cycles I got for “free” on Replit rather than spending money every month.

Hi antoine,
I’m definitely not opposed to that either, but recently I’ve been doing more bounties and it would be amazing if I could either get Hacker/Pro with Cycles or SSH with Cycles.

Thanks, that’s good feedback.