Pulling from existing GitHub repo destroyed all repl content

Problem description:

  • Had an almost empty private repo on GitHub
  • Connected to the repo, and pulled (which was the only option at that point)

Expected behavior:

  • Single README from the GitHub repo is pulled
  • I can start committing the content in the repl to GitHub

Actual behavior:

  • README file was not pulled

  • repl was emptied

  • … except for the db.sqlite3 file, which is empty and has no history to recover

  • Days of work were destroyed, permanently it seems

  • Very unhappy customer

Steps to reproduce:

  • See problem description

Bug appears at this link:



  • Safari/MacOS/MacBook Pro (latest versions)

Try creating files with the same names as older files and checking file history.

Thanks for the suggestion, but as stated in the problem description, the file history was empty.

Clearly I’m missing something? You never stated that.

Hmm. ”… except for the db.sqlite3 file, which is empty and has no history to recover”

So yes, not in the ”Problem description” section, true.

Have you tried creating files with the same names as before? That’s all I can tell you to do. Maybe wait for someone else who knows the answer to reply. Or contact support by:

Thanks for sticking with me. I did have copies of most of the other files, but that db file was where most of the useful data was, and as said, no history there.

Having a way to restore some of the files after they have been destroyed by a glaring Github integration bug is not really a solution, so unfortunately I really cannot mark this issue as resolved.

I have also sent a message via the support form.

(In case there is nothing that support can do about this either, I am planning my replit exit strategy, as something like this issue, combined with the latest move of nerfing the Hacker plans in the middle of a paid subscription period, has not put me in a very positive mood.)