Publishing python script to web link with auto refresh

Hi guys - I’m a noob who’s written a python script and wants its output to be shareable via a weblink.

I need the output to be updated every 5 minutes ( ie. code. run every 5 min)

I have already run the code and it is giving me the output. I don’t know how to move to the next step.

Any assistance will be really appreciated

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Hi @100xfund1 , welcome to the forums!
To make your repl run all the time (if not, it’ll turn off), you might want to consider Reserved VM Deployments for keeping your repl on.
Is it like a Discord bot or something?
P.S. You can’t run it every fixed number of minutes.


For getting a sharable link, you can send it like this:
Note that you’ll need to change Repl-Name-Here to the actual name of your repl, with uppercase and lowercase, symbols (!, ?, etc) excluded.


Hey Nate! Thanks so much for dropping in and helping out. It’s a script that reports balances and financial metrics for a trading account on a brokereage. Hence the updates are important, so that the figures keep refreshing as the balances change in real time.

I’m trying to get a reserve VM but it says card declined, although i’m using many valid cards. Do i have to be a member before i can purchase cycles?

You mean become a Member on the forum? The forum is not mixed with the mainsite in any way, meaning that what happens here won’t reflect on (except bans or promotion to Leader).

You say you got cards declined? That’s odd. Maybe try emailing for this.

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Actually, i tried the autoscaling, and it almost completed deployment! but looks like it failed due to location? Are repl servers in the USA?

binance.exceptions.BinanceAPIException: APIError(code=0): Service unavailable from a restricted location according to ‘b. Eligibility’ in Please contact customer service if you believe you received this message in error.

3 things:

  1. Does your repl have a web element? You can only use Autoscale Deployments if there is some website part.
  2. Servers are based in the US. I believe Replit is looking into more locations.
  3. Deployments don’t have persistent file systems. Meaning that writing to any file for storage won’t work. You’ll need to use an external database for storing data.

I just need a weblink that will continuously display the output of my python script, which runs once every few minutes.

Is that considered a web element? Would autoscale work?

As for locations, yes, its possible then that the issue is due to USA. Binance bans USA IPs

To clarify, I meant a HTML page or a Flask/Django server.

The only way to get the output of the repl using the repl’s link is by running it from the Cover Page, which is in Replit itself (the ?v=1 means the Cover Page)

I see. how do i do that then? such a noob, forgive me

You may have to use external pingers (not recommended, may get blocked) for this.
(Gtg now)

I think you could write your program’s output to a file, and have a basic webserver serve that file.

could you email me at [REDACTED] please? i’d need help, will engage you for a quick job. apprec it.

thank you! apprec all help

It shouldn’t be terribly hard to set up, I’ll try to remember to make a test server later.

Do you have my script? i would really appreciate this…

I haven’t had a chance to run a test server yet, I should have something by 2023-12-01T22:00:00Z.