Publishing is unintuitive

Publish button unintuitive and pushes user to Deployment subscription

I wanted to simply publish my project

Deployment and Publishing: The process of simply publishing to obtain a link is not obvious and is rather hidden. The prominent “Deploy your project” blue button at the bottom of the publishing panel looks active but is not responsive when clicked. Why is it there at all - since Deployment is elsewhere.
User has to realise they need to go back up to the top of the panel to press Publish white button.

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The “premium” features of replit should be placed somewhere else. The premium features are just quite intrusive. “Deployment” also looks misleading, it should be replaced by Publish.
More of a support towards the stance that users could be mislead


Absolutely agree. This used to be the case.
It is too convoluted.
Very difficult for teachers to use with learners.

Also the console is hard to keep visible when debugging - as well as being really hard to locate (spanner top right). Seems like a lot of the documentation is no longer correct (eg press F1 to get console?)