"Published" Python Replit not showing interpreter

Problem description:
my cha0s replit is working fine in the replit code editor when i run it it shows the console how ever when the Replit is published it gets stuck on the output window and never starts the console

Expected behavior:
starting the interpreter on clicking run

Actual behavior:
stuck on output empty window

Steps to reproduce:
go here https://replit.com/@illumi420/cha0s?v=1 and click run

Bug appears at this link:


loads a blank screen for me. Try setting guessImports to false in .replit

issue is still there after setting it to false

Are you using it on a school or work device? The most common issue is school/work firewalls blocking the connection

also inside this blankscreen if you press right click it show a fluxbox menu. thought this nfo might be helpfull for debugging

also for debugging:
and the most wierd behaviour is occuring:
when try to run the published replit while having another browser-tab on the repl editor open, when run is clicked on the published repl the console start in the other browser-tab where repl editor is open, and it also opens a output window to where if i hover the mouse over it the blank screen on the published repl shows my mouse movement ?!

I am really not super experianced in IT but this is really wierd dont u think ?!

no its from home device. my other repls are working fine.

could you share a video of this happening?

It seems nothing appears on either screen? Do note that if you use anything (like mattplotlib) that uses VNC, the console will not show.

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VNC as in remote connection ? what does it has to do with matplotlib ?
sorry i am not trying to be a smart ass here, but yes my code is using matplotlib to create plot files, am not calling the show function from matlibplot if this what you meant to show the plot after execution

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Is an Output tab open or able to be opened? Replit uses a fork of NoVNC to display graphics from a repl in the web editor.

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VNC is the protocol/connection that the graphics windows uses (not text)

Idk, but matplotlib seems to trigger it.

It shows the screen even if you don’t use “show”. Try to find a way to close the window once the graph is generated. If you can’t find one, either show it on the VNC or use another lib

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Could you try putting this at the beginning of your main.py file? It should keep the output tab from showing.

    vnclistener = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
    vnclistener.bind(("", 5900))
    print("Not listening on, something else must be...")

any attempt of blocking the port or killing the xvnc process would return an Error stating “make sure replit port is on and set to accept HTTP requests”

i did some search, found out something about matplotlib being interactive as its default behaviour,
anyway using ioff() would turn off its interactivity, still this has no positive effect on the issue. will chek on this again later.

thank you for your time

thank you for your time

VNC is the protocol/connection that the graphics windows uses (not text)

this explain the mouse movment wierd behaviour between the browser-tabs i was exited about