Publicly show cycles option

As the old days on Replit, you were able to see others people karma(cycles). I think this would be cool to have an option in profile settings to make your cycles public.


That’d be a good feature

It’s a decent idea, but things such as cyberbullying could pop up, just like when people have zero virtual game currency. (In some games)

Like @AMDryzen5600X it could lead to bullying though if its a setting that can be changed by users I would be fine with it. We do have this here on Ask with the gamification plugin. Its called cheers and you can find the leaderboard here

@not-ethan what is cheers?

The same as what karama is on Reddit.

Well we can easily handle bullying if people report them.

Yea but its better to avoid it in the first place if possible.

@not-ethan Nice! I’m in 7th place!

@not-ethan Thanks for further proving my point, however a new problem arises. Suppose you turn off the setting for others to see your cycles, but fellow Replers pester you on why you have it off. (For example saying that you’re chicken (just an example) for not showing that you’re poor) or something irrational like that.

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Good point didn’t think of that.

Um, I’ve never been on reddit. Just saying, I’ve only been on Replit, Pycharm, and VS/VS Code, so I don’t really know what you are talking about.

Its a point system based on your activity and how much the community likes the stuff you post.

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As mentioned by @AMDryzen5600X and @not-ethan, I don’t think this is a good idea as it’s essentially showing how much money you have. If you want to share it, you could put it in your bio. I’m sure you could make a script to automatically update it.

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Now it shows how much you’ve earned from bounties, which is much better than this imo. (sorry for the necro btw)