PSA: Mark Solutions

For those who don’t know, you have the option to select a post as a ‘Solution’ when you make a topic in categories like #code-help . This feature can help a lot and can prevent repetitive questions from other users.

The only problem is that only active accounts really mark solutions.

Marking solutions to your topic is actually beneficial to the entire website. First off, when someone marks a solution, the user that answered gets that post added to their “solutions” subpage on their profile. This can make the user more reputable within the community, and can tell people that the person in question helps a lot and is more than happy to help you! Second

Also, there is the fact that marking solutions can help people find answers they were looking for. Instead of making a topic about the problem they were having, the user could look at a topic already posted for their problem and see a solution ready to use for them. This can save not only the user’s time, but the community’s time as a whole.

TL;DR: Make sure to mark solutions!


100% agree with this but what does TL;DR mean?


Too Long; Didn’t Read. Essentially the same as saying “The bottom line is”/ a summary.

If a reply should be marked as a solution and the original poster hasn’t done so after acknowledging it, feel free to message me and I can mark it for you. :smile:


Please do not message me. If I see it and they OP said thanks I will but other things are more important like the large flag load


Nice! Finally no more cursing OP’s name in the rain for not acknowledging my helpfulness!