PS5, Xbox, or Swtich? Another voting site on Replit!

Click here if you’re lazy:

First of all, Ramadan Mubarak to all of those who observe.

Second of all, I made another voting app!

We’ve had Ronaldo or Messi.
We’ve had Apple or Android.
And now…
PS5, Xbox, or Switch?

This is the first time I’ve ever made a 3-option voting app.

As usual,

Built with:

  • Node.js
  • SQLite3
  • Sequelize
  • EJS
  • Replit Auth

Anways, check it out here please:

Might be a little biased, I only have a switch. (So I kinda have to pick that don’t I?)

I don’t have any of these, but definitely Xbox!


I wonder what @MattDESTROYER would choose. I think Xbox or PS5 since he hates the switch

HBU though? You seem like more of an Atari dude.

No im a desktop kind of guy. So I dont need to use my computer for music and stuff and the console for the game


I was considering adding “PC” as an option but last minute i decided not to :no_mouth:

I just meant because of your profile picture lol.

Lol forgot about it. That automatic generated by a platform I stoped visiting due to some stuff that happened on their forum


did it start with git and end with hub? Looks similar

I’m a desktop person too, I got my own gaming/coding/whatever PC. I hate the switch because of drifting, but then I’ve never really used the other consoles…

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I feel ashamed … we own all three plus the oculus … not that my boys ever leave a tv free for me to play so I am stuck with either the switch or my phone …

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I don’t have any of these… Too expensive haha

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