Proxy for school

I understand that Replit has banned proxies from their site, but I’m not sure why I used Replit to host proxies for my school so that my friends and I could enjoy the benefits of not having anything blocked and no worries in mind. This saddens me because it is against TOS. I wish Replit would allow users to post and use proxies that unblock everything for people at school.

I dont think this is going to change. Since Replit wants schools to continue using them and Replit allowed proxies to be used by students wont help with that.


I agree with the majority of this statement, but some schools go too far in blocking sites and other things; they even blocked a useful site from us simply because it had some cool interesting mini-games. coolmathgames

I know from personal experience. But proxies hurt Replit’s reputation with people in the education with proxies.

True, the use of proxies will have an increasing impact on replit, because schools will eventually catch on and may contact replit, causing major problems.

Yea and allowing them will have schools contact Replit even sooner. And proxsies that are “advertised” to students are not allowed like I said before. That wont cause problems with schools. Only students trying to get around restrictions.

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Allowing proxies has often led to schools blocking replit and it gives us a bad rep as well. As stated in our Terms of Service, proxies built for the purpose of bypassing internet restrictions are not allowed.

Although the internet restrictions of schools might seem heavy, the ultimate decision is up to them and we don’t want to intercept and reverse that.