Prolonged lack of response from Replit support

A while ago, I submitted a support ticket to Replit via email about a very serious concern my organisation had about their future using Replit for education. After receiving no response, I have subsequently submitted two more support requests over the course of about a month, neither of which have received a reply. Each time, I have got an automated reply letting me know that my email was delivered, but other than that, no response. We are at a loss on how to proceed, as we appear to have exhausted all possible contact options. Could someone at Replit please let me know how I can contact your team without sending emails into the abyss?


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Hey @LeoTurnbull welcome to the forums!

Not sure on this but every time you send a new email it pushes your tickets to the bottom of the list.

I have pinged staff to take a look



Did you submit a ticket to the Ask support forumns? If so, could you provide a link to the two submissions and we can take a further look. Thanks!

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Hey Leo – can you PM me your email address? I’d like to see if I can figure out what happened to those tickets.

What you’re describing is not what we want for a user experience.


Ok, we found the emails @LeoTurnbull. Thanks for holding on so long. Truth be told they got flagged as suspect email in an old system so we missed them. Sorry about that.

You can expect an update shortly. We’ll mark this as solved and can keep talking on the email.


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