Projects ip address can’t be found in webview, but IP address is accessible otherwise

Question: Hi all! I’m super new to Replit so I’m not sure if this is user error or not. My project that I’m working on won’t run the code, pull up the toggle developer tools (the lil wrench), and it says it can’t find the IP address in the webview although it runs just fine when put in the browser. My previous Repl is running just fine.


Hi @meganhancock1 , welcome to the forums!
Can you try shortening the name of your repl? I believe this will fix the error.
Hope this helps!
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Thanks so much for your speedy response!
So forgive me for my novice-ness, but since I’m taking a course set up by someone else it looks like I might be unable to change the name:

Screenshot 2023-08-29 061312

Unless I misunderstood and am looking in the wrong place. Thanks again!

Hi @meganhancock1 !
You are in the correct place. Just enter a shorter name and it should be working.

Oh wow for some reason I thought it wasn’t letting me change the name, but it’s working now! Thank you for holding my hand through that :sweat_smile:

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Hey @meganhancock1 !
Is the website working now?
If it is, could you mark my post that helped you most as the Solution?
If not, feel free to ask any other questions that you are facing on this!

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