Projects/Grades - Filter by Unit

How do I filter by Unit?

If I have 10 units and each one has 10 projects, it will be 100 wide.
The export also has no way to filter.
It would be nice if each Unit was on it’s own tab.

This seems like a pretty standard feature something would have.

Hi @cguida thanks for your message and welcome to the community!

Unfortunately this is not a feature at the moment. You should be able to export your Teams’ progress to a CSV file by clicking the Export button top right of the Projects Overview page as shown:

You should then be able to use a spreadsheet package to filter your units.

I will move this into our #support:feature-requests category so it can be considered for future roadmaps.


A feature like this is badly needed. I don’t even have Excel on my teacher laptop. I do most of my grading from the Projects Overview panel. As it is now I have to memorize which assignments are in which unit. All we need is a divider or color indicator in the projects overview. Also It would be much more useful to have a progress percentage for each unit instead of an overall one.