Project full but the project completely filled!

I didn’t write big words, I see it tells me that the project is completely filled!

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Could you send a repl link?

I ran the command du -h on a copy/fork of your repl, and I see that the majority of your repl’s storage consumption is because of your node packages. Consider deleting node_modules (by running rm -r node_modules in the Shell) and removing unused dependencies to try and remove unused packages and free up some space.

I see that a large module that you have installed is canvas. Consider removing that if unused.

How i can achieve this?

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here’s a simple script that I’ve put together:

  1. run rm -r node_modules in the shell
  2. Open package.json and review any and all dependencies that you have
  3. run npm install in the shell

Can yo send screenshot of that picture I will resolve it