Programming Team

I am looking for people who want to create simple web games.

If you know the following programming languages below well, then DM me.

Node.js: can save data and make databases.
CSS: Good at animation, styling, and graphics.
Or anything else you think you might bring to the table that would benefit a web game dev team.


Can I join?
I have good skills in HTML and CSS, and I know some simple JS

@KillerCl0wn I don’t know much about Node.js and can do simple styling and graphics (including bootstrap), but is there anything else you would need for this team that I could possibly help with (sound, etc.)?

Hey SNakeyKing Show me some past projects and I’ll see if you can join

I could use someone with bootstrap if you have a protect that used bootstrap pls share. I would like to make web games that can be played on any device any size

Here @KillerCl0wn » &

@KillerCl0wn I haven’t done much with Bootstrap but know how to use it, to make things look better. I also want to try out another CSS thing similar to Bootstrap as well »

For a simple web game, using a server with a database would likely be overkill, why not just save the data to cookies?


Or local storage. I think local storage would be better.


Unless it will be multiplayer or have a global leaderboard.

Yeah I meant local storage

Could I also join for the save data/database parts @KillerCl0wn? I’m not an expert at it, but I’ve made a project using Node and already and working on another one right now.

You can find my projects on my profile.

But there’s one problem, I’m afk I won’t be actively programming until 30th June, so I guess the front-end should be done first and then I can jump in for the back-end.

Yah you can join ill be on in a couple days to invite everyone to the team and I’ll tell everyone when they can start their thing

I’ve been trying to use local storage or cookies. Right now were updating cookiecrusher to save your data. Then hopefully we can add new events to the game.

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Here are some of mine.
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free robux - Replit
NOT JUST ME BUT @JasperH1326 helps as well

Yes. Cookies should not be used for storing data that the server does not need, because they are sent with every HTTP request.


lol I got mixed up :skull:

@KillerCl0wn Are we collaborating on a new game or an existing one?

Hopefully a new game. However if you guys want to help with an existing game feel free to offer some suggestions and if it is good ill let you implement it