Programming noob - asking if it's trivial for me to build a sort of poker hand simulator with certain conditions in place

Hey guys - in Texas Hold’em poker, the first round of betting before any community cards are dealt is called preflop, and depending on our position and the action facing us, there is a different range of hands we choose to play. If I give a preselected list of possible 2-player scenarios, and for each scenario a range of possible hands that we arrive there with, can I build a very primitive software that would help me put in practice reps by randomly picking 1 scenario from the list I provide, and then randomly assign a hand to me from the preselected list, making myself choose between 3 options - call, fold or raise? How easy/tough is this?

My programming background is some very basic coding that I learnt in my 11th and 12th grade, using C++. Or is this even something that I could figure out using ChatGPT? The idea just occured to me now.

Hi @MDArshaq , welcome to the forums! If you were wondering, this can be done simply in Python.
May I first know what are the scenarios, what ‘call’, ‘fold’, or ‘raise’ mean?

Hi @NateDhaliwal. I actually managed to build what I wanted using ChatGPT haha. As for your question - the scenarios are many 2-player pairs, where you are playing the hand from the POV of one of the players, and a certain action for the other player has already been defined. Call, fold and raise are poker terms - call means matching the other player’s bet, raise means reraising the other player’s bet, and fold means letting go of your hand, which ends the hand right there.

So you’ve done it already? Great! Happy poker-playing!

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