Programming Language Jam

So…? That doesn’t mean it doesn’t count as a language…

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well, the WIP language is although simple but quite effective, with commands such as key, write, read, append, pop, and other useful features. This wasn’t the language that I wanted to make (but didn’t due to time constraints), namely ASYNC BASIC, but I made this to access the quota system in my Free GPT project I shared with my classmates. This is a language that translates it into Python code, which is something that a lot of languages do (but not to python ofc this is an esolang)

Wait, who won? Isn’t the contest over?

If anyone would like some examples of what Bella can do, there are examples here: bella/examples at main · MystPi/bella (

do you have a replit link for your language? Also if I was the one picking I would probably pick yours

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Thank you! Unfortunately, I do not have a repl set up for Bella at the moment.

yw, after a quick scroll through of all the languages yours looked the most complete and stable

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IIRC @SnakeyKing made a Repl for judging but that was around the time I went inactive, I don’t think I heard about anything getting judged though but I’d be willing to go through submissions when I have time and judge myself (or with @NateDhaliwal I think they were a judge too)


@QwertyQwerty88 can you close this?