Programming c learn here

I have no knowledge of programming. But I am doing programming here.

You can check here

Hey @AmandeepSing134! Welcome to the programming community!

I wouldn’t recommend starting your programming journey with C, since it’s a very low-level language and it’s very difficult for people who don’t even know a single programming language to begin with.

I highly suggest going with Javascript or Python, since they are much easier to understand than C. Here are some guides below for the two languages:



You can also try Replit’s own courses here, so you wouldn’t need to open another tab for the guide:

Go here and scroll down till you find “Intro to JS”.

Hope this helps!

I will recommend you to start with HTML,CSS,JS

C was first programming language I learned in my life. I wanted to do my own programs in Linux so only way to do it was learn c and c++.

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So you want to learn c? Is that what you want? If that’s the case, then I believe this easy to understand website will help. Note that there are ads… but smol price to pay :stuck_out_tongue:

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