Programmatic management of Replit teams?

I don’t know if this a feature request or a “help me find docs I missed” request. :slight_smile: My team manages onboarding for new engineers, and one of the tasks we perform is to invite new hires to join our replit team (and to remove members when they leave). Most of this is automated through various cloud service APIs, but I haven’t been able to find documentation on an endpoint here which would allow me to do something like generate a token and allow a script to send invites on my behalf (ideally on the account’s behalf or a machine user’s, so things don’t break if I get hit by a bus / win the lottery).

Does this exist, or is this a feature request?

Hey @dannysauer1 welcome to the forums!

This is not possible. They used to have a public API that got deprecated about a year ago iirc. Either way I don’t think you could add people, and I don’t think they are going to add an public API.


Ethan is correct. We do not have an API for this use-case. We will take this feedback as we’re always looking to make the Teams Pro experience better.