Program that finds the number of days in a month

Write a Python program that finds the number of days in a month. NB: If it is a leap year, February should have 29 days.

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Please don’t ask people to code an entire program for you. Also, is a school assignment?


Here is a hint to help you get an idea (days in a month)

month days
Feb 28
Feb(leap) 29
Apr, Jun, Sep, Nov 30
Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Aug, Oct, Dec 31

This should help, since this table can be used for reference


Hi there @earturovich and welcome to the community!

While we can help people with their school assignment, we do not give the answer for it since it’s violating the community guidelines (besides the one needing to learn will not be learning properly).

When asking for help with homework, make your best effort before posting your question and do not post a full assignment. Users answering homework questions are urged not to provide full solutions or write the code for the asker! Instead, try tips, pointers, and minor debugging.

Be sure to not post the answer directly in the future.


Hi WindLother. Hope you’re doing well

While hiding my reply, you should admit, that user was asking to “WRITE A PROGRAM” and not giving hints, explanations or any other kind of help. So my reply was not violating any requirements. Thanks

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Copy that! Thank you


Also check the community standards for more information about this.

Here is the rule for school assignments:

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