Profiler Template

It is a very simple replit profile maker. (Link here)

Quote readme:

  1. Go into profiler.toml and set the options below:
    • title: for example, “Dragonhunter… A Coder”
    • username: your replit username, your profile will not work without this
  2. Add a secret called key with any text you want.
  3. Rename your repl to your username
  4. Run it! Now when you go to <your username> you will see your profile!

I think people have made something like this before, but here is mine. Hope people like it!

PS, here are some examples:


I like it :smiley: it’s very cool!


Lol, I made it first for your domain, but turned it into a template XD

What in the bio-link site.

What do you mean by this XD?

cool… but why do they take so long to load

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you don’t know what a bio-link service/site is?

The first time is because repl slugs requests, but after that it should be fine (Caching and hashing XD). If it is not that is because of the egress limits.


He does, he’s just making his own is a bio-link service.

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This is really cool. Thanks for sharing :grin:


I love this, would like it see it responsive, nice job!

What do you mean? Which part? Most of the links work, and the badges have a tooltip with a description. The repls are embeds too.

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Oh sorry I meant mobile responsive (phone friendly)


I tested it, it seems fine. Which part is un-responsive?

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