Profile pictures being changed

My profile picture was randomly switched to this:


How can I revert it? Also, why did it change it for me?


Nevermind, I was able to go back in the Wayback Machine and obtain my old one.


Now the question is why? I wouldn’t like it if my pfp got changed to it… and a single occurance isn’t very likely (most likely a bug which would affect more users).

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@boston2029 I don’t think it’s just you… other users too!

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15 separate people on my followers list have had their PFP swapped to this as well.

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Should I unmark solution and switch this to General or Bug Reports?


I’d say that would be a good idea.


Did you have a real profile picture (one you set) or just a default image of a bot on a colored background? If it’s the latter they probably just changed the default avatar. If not this is certainly strange.


Looks like boston had the old default:

So it would appear it was a change to the default pfp.


ik my alts and my friend’s account also had this change, but ot my main. I personally prefer the robot (very iconic!) rather than the OFF-CENTER B&W replit logo (doesn’t this confuse official vs non-official products?

Hi All. Thanks for bringing this up. I’m chatting internally about the recent design update to the default profile picture. I’ll post again once I hear more on the confirmed details.


I get it, but like, having had it for so long, it was my profile picture, and I don’t think it should have just changed randomly after having had that pfp for like 2 years. Like, I liked the pfp so it kinda just became mine. It’s not like my account is brand new and the branding change is so necessary. It makes it feel really weird and nonconsensual too. Like, I get it’s they’re website, but it feels kinda weird to just change people’s profile pictures (that simple black-and-white Replit logo looks kinda mysterious ngl). Also:

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I do agree. It also makes it harder to distinguish between users since at least for me I recognize people by their pfp rather than their username unless I remember something specific about them.


Hi All. It does sound like the design team is making some brand-related updates and the default picture has indeed been updated. We’re going to try and do better at communicating these changes in the future.

As a side note, we have been getting some actionable feedback on the new design so the team may iterate on it a bit more. I don’t think it will go back to our little robot, but you may see some further changes (and perhaps even less “mysterious”).

Any custom profile picture that was uploaded should not be affected by this change. Of course, you are welcome to change your profile picture even to previous designs if you prefer them!


Do you think the new default pfp will get the random colors back (like the background of the robots had)?


I would very much appreciate the default profile picture having random colored backgrounds instead of all being uniform. It gives users something recognizable even when they haven’t set a profile picture themselves.


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