Problems with webview (html, js and css) | Loading projects

Two weeks ago I was working on my project (html, js, css) and the last week it started not to work. I am unable to see the webview even if I open it in a new tab.

It only happens to me in html, js, and css, I tried unsuccessfully to copy and paste the code into a new project so maybe it could work. It was a loss of time :confused:

Other projects in node.js do work.

Could someone help me, please?

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@GMEV hello I am having the same problem and maybe it could be that you have an empty index.html file, that file loads up first so if its blank it could not load. But if you already have an index.html file then it might be a problem with replit and you might want to check Replit status it will show you if replit servers are down or not, hope this help! :slight_smile:

Could you share a link to the Repl? This may help the community to figure out what’s wrong and potentially help you. :slight_smile:

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Bonjour cela me fait le meme chose.
voici mon lien:

voici ma webview aussi:

Hi @Paul2403

You don’t have a page called index.html in your project. Your Repl needs this to start with.


Merci ça a marché mais j’ai une consigne:
Chaque élève xx de la classe va créer sa page WEB perso dont le fichier HTML s’appellera pagexx.html.
A cette page HTML sera associé une feuille de style CSS dont le fichier sera nommé stylexx.css.
Le xx correspond au numéro attribué à chaque élève (son rang dans la liste d’appel - on commence à 01).
Exemple : l’élève 01 créera la page01.html et la feuille style01.css

Mais de quel fichier html s’agit il, pour que je puisse le renomer sans que cela apporte de modifications sur mon site?

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Hi @Paul2403. I translated your message so others in the community can read it too:

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I think you need to give more information here @Paul2403. Are you asking all the students to edit a single Repl? Or are you downloading their HTML files and combining into a massive website?

I teach web development as well and use Teams for Education to manage the submissions. This way the students can submit a website with an index.html file and a style.css file and I can (or they can) download the site as a zip, rename it with their student ID and submit it to our LMS. Does this help?


I think you can edit which file is the home file in the .replit file with the entrypoint variable
Je pense que vous pouvez modifier quel fichier est le fichier d’accueil dans le fichier .replit avec la variable entrypoint

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Hi @PrestonCurtis1 sorry that doesn’t work with HTML repls: