Problems with the Scratch Disk and Python or Node.js repls

Currently, the whole point of the scratch disk is to allow temporary package installation. However, Python and Node.js uses venv and node_modules respectively, which don’t get grouped in the scratch disk. In my experience, python repls take up ~130 MiB each, regardless of program size, so this is going to be a problem. I’d recommend removing unnecessary packages from the replit python template (chances are, you aren’t going to need numpy or Flask in every single new Python repl), or resolving this issue with venv not being included in the scratch disk, or not do anything at all, since reinstalling packages is an extremely slow process.


Problem is, scratch disk is only 2 GB as of right now, so it could be filled pretty quickly by Python or NodeJS packages.


Yes. well it should be an option to use your scratch disk, otherwise numpy + Flask + “replit” package dependencies would take up a lot of space.


I usually just remove those anyway, I like to remove anything I don’t need, minimalistic is best (imo).


Lol I am the opposite. I like to be prepared and always have what I think I will need on-person. If my computer does not support my excessive anti-minimilism, I will just upgrade something (either components or computer). Minimalism is probably better though, especially with new storage limits on Replit (with my computers I just buy a bigger hard drive).