Problems with Replit

Hi I am new here , I need more storage to run my code but the code stopped when the storage is full. I bought the hacker plan, but the code stopped with 1 Gb again. I need help!

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Hi @SalvadorFalcon1 , welcome to the forum! For the code and project that you are talking about, can you provide a link to the project?

Additionally, may I know what coding language you are using?

Ok, first thing is that it says there’s an error on line 8, where you imported Diffusers but it could not be found. Can you fix that first?

If you don’t, the program can’t fully start because there’s an error in the way.

I understand, but in any case i need more capacity, I have to upload several GBs and I have only 1 GB in these REPL

What are you trying to upload?

a stable difussion checkpoint

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What can i do Nate? , Maybe Replit is not the best place for my idea?

the program started, the problem is that i need more storage. When storage reaches 1gb the software stop.