Problems loading my flask app


I’m working on my first website, but can’t seem to get a consistent homepage from my flask replit app to appear.

My GoDaddy domain is showing the default GoDaddy coming soon page when I go to it, instead of my flask app.

On replit it says the website is verified so it should be showing me the flask app, but it’s only sending the ai’s coming soon page.

Here’s how my dns is looking:

Also I get the coming soon page when I try to load it from the replit deployment as well

Seems to work after a few minutes with my workspace open. But when I log out of replit and try it shows the coming soon page

Which coming soon page is this?
Could you send a screenshot?

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It should be sending my flask page which is the more basic one.

This is the coming soon page that GoDaddy published:

The website is

My flask app is simple, all you do is type a name or whatever you want after the / and it’ll say hello welcome to the matrix

Maybe it’s just the dns servers taking a while? It seems random what page I’ll get (mine or GoDaddy). Sometimes I get my flask page other times I get my GoDaddy page. I can’t seem to get into GoDaddy to unpublished that page. I think I need a website subscription which I don’t want to do since I will be using Flask

I just pressed on “view preview” on go daddy and got the replit login page.

If I can’t host a public website on a private replit then I will be deleting replit.

When I visited the site, I saw the Replit auth page.
It’ll take up to 48 hours to link, IIRC.

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I’ll give it another day and see what happens. I can still access it if I log in. If it doesn’t unlock by tomorrow I’ll just move platforms

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