Problems after Repl upgrade

Problem description:

Spotlight/Cover page problem - only author can go directly to working files for any repository with C++, everyone else gets thrown to Makefile… Temporary fixes either don’t work or are cumbersome. If you have many repositories - fixing is terrible, there is no automation… For example, part of the problem can be solved by creating an MD file for temporary fixes, but if you have 100+ repositories? All by hand!!!..

Expected behavior:

C++ repos opens Makefile

Steps to reproduce:

Open any link…

Bug appears at this link:





Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank):

Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA:


Plan (Free, Replit Core):


Hi @AleksandrIgume1!
If the user is on a laptop or PC, they can go to each file by using the Files sidebar.
However, if the user is on a phone via the web app, they can’t see the sidebar and will have to edit the url.
I made a bug report, see it here.

Yes, but you understand that it is a problem. Thanks for reaction.

I understand that the user can use the sidebar menu every time, but if they need to navigate to different files each time, they have to go through the same steps repeatedly.

But maybe temporarily, your team can release a script for AI to automatically generate a file inside the repository?

You could just ask AI to provide a full README file’s contents, before creating it and pasting what AI said, and that won’t take a long time.

Hope the team fixes this bug!

AI only generates the text, but does not create the file…

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It works for me on mobile if I edit the url to the correct page after the page loads.