Problem with writting to a log file


I’m developing a webhook for personal use with python/flask. I’m loving the easiness of replit to do this, and I got the hacker level account to keep the webhook server always running. But now I’m having a problem with it:
I try to log the hook events to a log file., it works at first, but soon it will tell me the file is out of sync and to choose between 2 versions. No matter which one I choose, it will stop logging after that.

I looked the forums before posting. I saw some people with similar problems, but I found no solution. Does anyone know how to solve this? It’s just logging text to a text file…

Thanks in advance.


This is probably because your repl went to sleep. The choosing screen does not stop the logging, but the repl sleeping stops the logging and brings up the screen. The only solution right now it to always choose the server’s version, and use deployments.

Thank you for your reply.

I have the Hacker level and set it to Always On. Shouldn’t that prevent it from sleeping? That’s why I purchased it!

Sadly no, that just wakes it up as soon as it goes to sleep.