Problem with turtle

Problem description:
Replit with turtle is not working. the output window briefly shows the turtle moving and then screen goes black.

Expected behavior:
Move the turtle and after moving the output screen stays on to see result of turtle moving

Actual behavior:
Turtle moves and then screen goes black as soon as it’s done moving

Steps to reproduce:
I have a classroom of students that are all having the same issue

Bug appears at this link:

Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank):
Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA:
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If you have your students add the line input() to the end of their program, it’ll keep the screen open for them.


Thanks for the prompt response. I have temporarily used input() for my students, curious if there’s any sort of fix on the way?

No, there is no permanent workaround as of right now. Replit made a change to their console/output windows, so now programs immediately stop and disappear after done running. Putting input() or something that keeps the program indefinitely running should work.


Hi @JaredMerrill !
You can use the Turtle function:


Put this line at the end of your program.
Hope this helps!

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That does help. Thank you very much!

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