Problem with Rich package and poetry and typing_extensions

I was trying to test the “rich” package with a very simple REPL but it shows errors when doing the poetry part.
Of course I can “pip install rich” in the shell, it works fine, but everytime I start the REPL it says :
python3 -m poetry add rich

The error is about incompatibility between replit 3.2.4 which requires typing_extensions <4 and rich which requires typing-extensions >=4

Is it normal ? I have tried it on 3.10 template or normal python remplate and it is the same.
How can i force something ?

I have the same issue with py-cord about this typing extension :frowning:


Run in shell to clone a fork with updated version constraints:

poetry add git+

13th time I’ve said this, and still they haven’t fixed Replit pypi package causes version conflicts.

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Excellent it works fine, thanks for your help,
I hope the official package gets fixed soon

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