Problem with replit webiste css

Hello im coming with problem with probably my laptop.
Actually im new at fullstack dev actually im at course.

I have problem with my layouts . In localhost its looking good but when i use http-server to check the website when i click in its looking completly diffrent. And i know it must be sth with my pc.

Because when i send my project to mentor its working good like at my local host.

PC is asus tuf gaming windows 11 , 17,3 inch 1920x1080.

The problem is at every browser i tried firefox, chrome, edge . At every when im at its not looking like it looks at localhost and its only at my pc.

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Welcome to Ask, @PatrykSzwiec. A question like this should be in #help, or maybe #code-help. If you are referring to this as a bug [for Replit], it belongs in #support:bug-reports. (I don’t think you can change this now).

If I understand, this exact repl keeps messing up in your PC, but not your mentors? Or is the project working on localhost (made by your PC) and not working on Replit?

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What’s your repls url

Generally i tried i think everything.
At my pc whatever browser i use its not working properly . ( whatever it is chrome/edge/explorer/firefox or even when i use BrowserStackLocal its working bad. so it must be problem with my pc settings)
At my pc at localhost its working properly and at any other computers its looks properly.

Please post a link to the cover page next time. or

Sorry , like i said im new at this “everything” so i make mistakes :slight_smile:

Can you send a screenshot showing what your project looks like on localhost and what it looks like on

Do you have any browser extensions installed that could be getting in the way?