Problem with hidden files (maybe bug?)

I have a problem, when i create a folder named “memory” in my replit, it automatically puts 33 files in it, but they are invisible and i cannot access them, i don’t know how to fix this. I am not that experienced in coding so maybe there is a way to delete them. Btw, i did not code 100% of the code, if someone could just tell me what could be doing this, it would be appreciated. I code in c++

So because i can only upload one image, i edited them together, the first one is before, then when i create the folder, then after it is created.

That’s probably incorrect, those files probably do not exist, and they’re showing as removed (not added), hope this helps!

That’s what I thought at the beginning but I wrote a piece of code that couts the contents of the files in the “memory” folder and it outputs the text that the old files contained

I think there could be a problem with the files being generated as soon as i create the folder, but i have no idea if it is possible

I just copied all of my code over to a new replit and it seems to work. Sorry if i made you waste your time, i just found it was easier for me to redo everything again instead of trying to find the problem.

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