Problem with

I have a problem with discord python. I can’t import “ui” because it gives me an error but I need it to create buttons with discord bot. Do you know how to fix this problem

For Discord UI, I would’ve used the nextcord library ( copy but with changes) since its more suitable for Discord UI. You can see their documentions in
(Also, There is an official developer support server in nextcord)

the point is that I would like to create buttons but it won’t let me do them because it won’t install the ui library

discord.ui should come automatically with What error do you get? Could we have a link to your repl, please?

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sorry but 1) do you have discord or something? and are you Italian?

I am pretty sure most of these libraries were created because the only dev of temporarily abandoned the project. But they came back now, and it has all the new features, kind of making installing a fork obsolete.