Problem When Macking "DC BOT" Using Js

Hey, I am Macking a discord bot Using javascript and a error come when I run the code “MODULE_NOT_FOUND”
like this here is screenshot of it |
I mentioned the location of the index.js file but it’s not working !

Hey @amazoncontest0!

Linux (which Replit uses) is case-sensitive on files. You’ll need to change Index.js to index.js.


@Firepup650 it doesn’t work

@Firepup650 his error comes again

Yes, because if you look at the error, the Repl is now looking for an index.js file in the project root, which does not exist in your project.


No it’s existi but in a folder called app how can I difine the location of it ?

Verify that the command in your .replit is correct, and the location listed by your package.json is correct as well.