Problem to use React and React Native

Problem description:
Hello, I have big problems to use React on Replit (version Android).
And when I finished my projet on my Android phone, I have another problem, my project is not able to be launched/opened on your website, I see this “blue binoculars with green lenses”.

Please can you explain me how to do that (I ask this question on different AI ChatBot but impossible to solve my problem) :
Answer me in French if you can do that.
Could you explain to me how I can add to a package.json ALL of the following command lines or equivalent to a package.json file to do automatic installation and automatic updates:

  • install “nvm” from a URL link via a command of the form “curl -o- [URL] | bash;”, this URL contains an file
  • then use the command “unset npm_config_prefix;”
  • then install wget via the command “npm install wget;”
  • then install the latest npm update via “npm install -g npm@latest;”
  • then install yarn via the command “npm install -g yarn;”
  • then install version 20.9.0 of npm using the command “nvm install 20.9.0;”
  • then use this version 20.9.0 via the command “nvm use 20.9.0;”
  • then install the latest version of npx using the command “npm install -g npx@10.2.4;”
  • and finally use the command “quick build;”
    Could you convert all these commands to run them automaticaly from the “package.json” file of a React coded project ?
    I don’t have to run myself these commands.
    You can write a maximum of 1000 lines, if you think it is necessary to write more than 1000 lines then specify it to me before sending me your reply.
    You can create a .docx or .pdf file that I could download to save your very useful answer.
    You can create also a “package.json” file where all these commands have already been written ENTIRELY (no simplification! no shortcuts!).
    Explain to me step by step, without skipping a step. Give me a maximum of 8 trusted sources, including a maximum of 5 trusted and written sources and a maximum of 3 trusted sources from YouTube (regardless of the number of subscribers). Thank you.

Thank in advance.

Expected behavior:
Normally my project React has to display automatically

Actual behavior:
It displays image of “blue binoculars with green lenses”

Steps to reproduce:
Just create a project React (NOT typescript) and RUN your project, and then you will have the bug.

Bug appears at this link:
All my projects

No browser, it’s on the app Android (latest update done)
Android 13
Device (Android):
Android, Xiaomi bought around 2022 (MIUI 14.0.3)
Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA:
No page available on the website. I can see my project only in my app Android of Replit.
Plan (Free, Replit Core):

Sorry for last point it’s not “quick build”, it’s “vite build”.

Hi @StefunLive, welcome to the forums!
What is the error you get with the binoculars?
Is it Not Found, Repl Unavailable, or We ran into an Internal error?

@NateDhaliwal “We ran into an internal error
The repl didn’t wake up in time. Please try again in 30 secondes.”

After a few seconds, I realized that the project had finally started.

But, is it possible to install and update “nvm”, “npm”, “nodejs”, etc when I type something in package.json ?
I think that it’s better for new features from React/React Native.

So you mean that Replit hasn’t updated itself with the newest version of React?

@NateDhaliwal Yes it’s that.
And I would like to add a automatic updating (and automatic installing) but I’m not sure if it’s good to install/update automatically or if to add this problem of installing/update on README file is it better ?

Maybe you can make a Feature Requests for this? For an updated version of React on Replit?
@Firepup650 Can you close this?


@NateDhaliwal Okay Thank you, I am going to do that