Problem to add a package on all projects Python

I need your help to add a package on all projects of Python.

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

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code snippet

you should be able to normally add packages with pip or poetry, is there a specific problem while doing this?

I need to add this package for every projects.

Is it possible to add forever ?
Or I need to add each time that I created a new project ?

not possible as far as I know


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Okay, thank you very much.

Can you add this feature in next update ?

You can create a repl with the package and then fork it to use it as a template.

Can I use “pip” command with the bash file ?
For example if I have a file Python, I need to add a file bash to add my package ?

You can install the package manually in the shell but you can also create a bash script to automatically install it, though you have to manually run it too.
It is probably best to create one repl and then fork it when you want to create a python repl.
Also, you should use poetry add <package> instead of pip install <package> on replit.


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