Problem linking subdomain to repl with CNAME. Stuck in "verifying..." forever

I am trying to link my repl to a a subdomain.
The repl:

The propagation info for the DNS is complete: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

After I go through the steps, the status of the linking dialogue is stuck in “verifying…” forever.

This is a recurring issue I have on a few repls (as of yesterday).

One possible side-note is that the A record for the main domain also points to replit (but to a different repl). It shouldn’t matter, but just in case it does…

Please help. Thank you

Hey @GeorgeStrakhov!

It looks like you have an A record and a CNAME record. This prevents us from linking the domain to your Repl. If you remove either DNS record, that should allow your domain to be linked!

Hi there! Thanks for your reply.
I tried with multiple registars (iwantmyname, namecheap) and also cloudflare.
Nothing seems to work. Whenever I set a CNAME record, the A record seems to automatically get set. I can’t see it in control panels of the DNS, but I can see it when checking DNS via DNS checker.

Given that this seems to be the default behavior for a lot of registars, is this something you could fix on your end?
This all used to work ok until recently, I believe.
For example, please see my subdomain: which I linked to a replit a while ago. It also seems to have both CNAME and A record pointing (default behavior), but it has no problem working…

thank you


Thank you for the context! We have been able to confirm that this is a change with our own system and are working towards a resolution. We will follow up as soon as we have an update!

We have identified the issue and will be posting updates here: Custom domains fail to connect