Problem in Replit Deployments

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I was trying to migrate Replit Legacy Hosting to Replit Deployments. I have connected my domain in Deployments. But nothing happens 2 days after the DNS setted up.

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I have set my DNS correctly and got cloudflare error in 2 days until the DNS setted up correctly. Apparently when the DNS is already setup, Replit still outputs error that I still need to migrate to Replit Deployments though I have migrated.

What areas or features are involved?
Replit Legacy Hosting (previously), Replit Deployments, CloudFlare.

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@pG6am-loBVarGG0amlnb It seems is linked to the IDE, which in turn is not supported anymore. I see you have linked to your deployment, but you must first unlink in the IDE, and link it in the deployments tab. and are really different domains.

Hello, Thanks for the reply. I did think of that for a second right after I deployed. But I didn’t think it would effect the domain link. Now somehow the replit website is updated and I can’t access the IDE’s domain link since it’s now changed to devtools. How can I access the IDE’s domain link again to unlink my domain? Thanks.

You should just be able to remove the old records, wait for it to unlink, and add the new ones for your deployed app.

Ah, you’re right, there’s a leftover A record. Now waiting for DNS propagation again and hoping that this works. Thanks for the enlightment

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Okay, that worked. If anyone have the same problem, you need to recheck your DNS records, the TXT record for the replit-verify make sure it’s correct, the A record make sure it have the right IP, and most importantly you need to delete the leftover A record that points to

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