Problem embeding Replits in online course

Hi there,

I’m using replits in one of my online courses (on Articulate Rise). Previously I could embed a Replit and it looked something likethe Replit on the left side of the picture below. Unfortunately now it looks like the Replit on the right side:

This is the code I’m using to embed the Replit:

I didn’t change the code or anything. I also tried this code to embed the Replit, but it looks the same:

<iframe frameborder="0" width="100%" height="500px" src=""></iframe>

Does anyone have an idea what’s wrong and how I can fix this, so it looks like in the first screenshot?

Thank you in advance.

Replit has deprecated the feature where you can edit repls through an embed. There is no way to fix this.

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Hi @kt-replits thanks for your question.

@ethan is correct, replit have depreciated editable embeds as this was causing a security issue. You can still embed read only but these default to the cover page as you have shown in your screenshot.

The students can click on “view files” and then whichever file you wanted them to look at. They can run the code too, just not edit it.

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Helpful suggestion from @lena on how to get (some more) of this functionality back: Show code when Embedding?

If it’s just a runnable demo, this should work (you can show some code and have students click to run, without being able to edit)

I’m curious what security issue embedded repls were leading to - it seems like the replit-cookie-authed embeds were mostly fine? I get the choice to lock things down from a design perspective; get everyone to actually use the full site instead. The security claim seems made up, from the outside.

Hi @robcobb the security issue was around being able to edit Repls that users weren’t supposed to be editing and potentially access secrets, hence the change to read-only.

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