Pro subscription and advanced AI model

I already pay for ChatGPT-4 which includes advanced data analysis. I see that Replit pro includes “Access to the advanced Al model.”

  • Does this have a 50 message cap every 3 hours the same as ChatGPT-4 currently has? If not, what is the usage cap and at what frequency for the advanced model?

  • I’m assuming the advanced AI model = GPT4. Is this correct?

There is a weekly limit, not sure what it is though. Basic uses are unlimited for Pro users.

Not sure, I asked the AI itself and it said GPT-3, but I’ve learned not to trust AI lol, so I pinged some staff members to respond here


I also asked the basic model and it too said it was GPT-3.

that’d align with the Free plan Basic limits, but can you confirm? By inspecting the usage meter all I can gather is that the limit is 250 messages.