Pro Plan I Bought isn’t working

I bought the Pro plan but it says I have the hacker plan and it’s already been a couple of days.
The ghostwriter AI works however I can’t use the “very fast workspace (4gb memory 4vcpus)”

I would appreciate if it can be resolved as soon as possible thanks in advance.
(Also the 20 dollars have already been charged so I’m sure that I bought the right plan)


Hi @EduardFaus1 !

I looked into this and your Pro plan is now activated, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

If you need anything else send me a DM :slight_smile:


I have this exact same issue. Can you help me as well?

This may be user confusion due to the ‘interactive’ boost of the IDE being shown in the bottom left Resources tab, which is different from the boost in the Repl description.

I have checked that your Pro plan is active, and that your interactive baseline boost is active in your workspace.

Note the difference from boosts being off on this Hacker plan in the Repl info pane at the top and the interactive IDE or workspace boost in the Resources tab at the bottom left.



You are right I apologize for the confusion on the boosts however I did have the issue with it recognizing I was a pro user which was fixed by Diana, thanks for clearing up my confusion. I can see other issues had a problem similar to mine where they weren’t able to see they had the Pro plan hopefully you can attend them just as quickly. Thank you.

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Hello, I’m posting here as well to remind the staff that there have been no changes to my account after my previous post—as my Pro subscription has not had any effects on my account since Replit still believes I’m still on the free plan. I am quite upset that my previous post, which wasn’t a bug report but a complaint and request for assistance, was closed without a response. I have to say that this is the worst experience I have ever had buying a SaaS product—as not only my two previous support requests were ignored, but now 2/30th, or 1/15th of the time I paid for has been wasted. It also appears that a number of other people have experienced the same issue, and it is unacceptable that apparently none of our problems have been (fully) resolved. I’d rather not charge back, but I will if this isn’t resolved with haste, or if I am not refunded (if this issue isn’t resolved within an appropriate time frame). Thanks.



I have the same issue. The following screenshot shows that the system knows that I have an active subscription, but I cannot use the Pro features, e.g., Ghostwriter, 4x vCPUs, etc.

This is my receipt:

Replit staff said that the Support and Engineering teams are currently working on a fix for this

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Will there be any compensations?

I dont think so based on Replit’s actions in the past ~6 months

Your Pro plan is restored. We’re sorry about the error, and we’re currently looking into the root cause.

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This should be fixed now!

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